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Hi Guys!

Time for a new collaboration with NewChic and for a new wishlist of nice things... lately I'm having plenty of fun exploring the almost neverending possibilities offered by this website for shopping... you can buy everything and is not pricey at all! ♥

So let's have fun and let's see if you enjoy these things as much as I do! :)

Earrings, earrings, earrings... you can't have enough of them! Small and nice, fit for every occasion...

... And chokers, of course! Who doesn't like chokers?

Summer is here, and I'm really into shiny nails... I want them to be very, very outrageous! Metallic, sparkling, neon & holo nails are so cool! Shop the collection here!

And don't forget to show some love to your home too... :)

Do you think that being obsessed with mugs is an illness?! xD I don't care... I like mugs in any shape and in any colour...

Do you see something you like? You can really buy everything on NewChic... it's a real source of inspiration for shopping!
SNS collection

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